Results Marshfield County Club 05/02/2016

Flight 1 – Gross:  Richard Cameron, Dave Moots, Russ Jenkins                                                Net:  Gary Givins, Jerry Sowell, Bill Dake

Flight 2 – Gross:  Larry Davis, Don Patterson, Bob Cope                                                           Net:  Jim Hoover, Cary Profitt, Jerry Morgan

Flight 3 – Gross:  Jim Roberts, Keith Hartner, Bob Corson                                                         Net:  Gene Blakely, Al Spencer, Lance Coomer

Flight 4 – Gross:  Jay Inman, Dan Daniel, Steve Jensen                                                           Net:  Don Waters, David Dawley, Lestel Hill

Flight 5 – Gross:  Mike Roswurm, Richard Brand, John Steiert                                                   Net:  Joe Wittenburg, Dick Fuller, Dave Martin

Closest to Pin #2 – Gene Blakely, Richard Cameron, Greg Royal

Closest to Pin #13 – Larry Davis, Gary Givens, Bill Wester

Longest Drive – 60/67 Bill Dake, 68/75 Mike Roswurm, 76+ Russ Jenkins


missing web site

We had a band width overload, whatever that is, which caused us to lose our web site for awhile. We had trouble getting in touch with our web master, but later found out he was on a business trip and not able to fix our problem until he return home. Now it is fixed. The band width has been expanded and hopefully we should be up and running for the rest of the year.                                                                                                 Now that we got that fixed, lets play some golf. The schedule is about to get busy and I’m sure we’re all ready for that to happen. Monday’s weather looks cool, but dry. Let the fun begin.

Dick Covey

Branson Hills format change

We have decided that because of the difficulty of this course (branson hills), we will be changing the format from an individual event to a 4-person scramble. Teams will be put together based on handicap. We will have an A, B, C, and D player on each team.  We will be making more announcements about this tournament at the Millwood event.

See you at the course very soon,

Dick Covey

Twin Oaks CC entries

DO NOT send in entry for twin oaks cc yet. Some have and they will have to be shredded. The entries for twin oaks will be accepted only after a mail out in August that includes the end of year banquet entry form. Thank you for being anxious, but to keep things as simple as possible, and these events need that, we ask again for no more twin oaks entries at this time.

Thanks you,

Mel Foster and Dick Covey