We need input from Members for the 2016 Season

Hears hoping all members are doing ok. We are going to have our winter board meeting in December. A couple of the things we will be discussing are continued slow play and what t-boxes should we use to make as many players as possible have a pleasant round playing on the courses we normally don’t get to play.

I think they do go hand in hand. If the course is too long for some, that will definitely slow play. I realize that most of us are retired, but the vast majority of members do not want to spend 5 hours or longer on a round of golf. Waiting between shots gets very tiring. We need to speed up our play. Playing “ready golf” would eliminate a lot of slow play. If anyone does not understand the concept of “ready golf”, give me a call and I’ll give you my idea of what that means.

We are going to be talking about having a marshal next year to help keep things moving. If we have a marshal, we will have rules. If we have rules we will have to enforce those rules or it’s a waste of time. One might be, you get one warning if you fall behind. If your group has to be told again, you might have to pick up your golf balls and move to the next hole. No arguing. Remember, we are just beginning to try and see if we can speed up play, a marshal program has “NOT”, at this time, been approved or formally discussed yet.

Call me if you have any input or questions. My phone number is on the active members list.

Give me your thoughts and ideas, Thanks,

Dick Covey   President SSGA