Flight 1 – Gross – Jim Eiffert 77, Wayne Begger 77, Greg Royal 77, Jim Parker 77                         Net – Mike Thomas, Peter Seaton, David Gaddis

Flight 2 – Gross – Scott Thomas 85, Lyndon Tummons 85, Bob Cope 85                                       Net – Butch Morris, Mike Long, Edwin Cox

Flight 3 – Gross – Bob Corson 85, Melvin Foster 87, Jackie McKinney 87                                       Net – Bill Adams, Randy Pixler, Tom Crim, Bob Bennett

Flight 4 – Gross – David Dawley 86, Arnold Townsend 89, Ted Barlows 89,                                                John McAlear 89                                                                                             Net – Scott Rhodes, Russel Lynch, John Catau

Flight 5 – Gross – Dennis Roy 87, Dick Fuller 89, Ted Dick 96                                                       Net – Michael, McLaughlin, Willis Reddick, Lynn Robbins

Closest to Hole #7 – Greg Royal, Steve Parker, Randy Pixler

Closest to Hole #16 – Mike McLaughlin, Scott Thomas, Dave Dawley

Longest Drive – 60/67 – Bob Walpert, 68/75 – Mike Rosswurrn, 76+ – Russ Jenkins

Results in/not in the News Leader

For those of you wondering why our results sometimes show up in the paper and sometimes they don’t, it falls totally on the sports dept of the news leader, Our handicap chairman gets them, results, in Monday afternoon like it has always happened. The news leader has promised us they would put them in the paper on Tuesday, but don’t most of the time. Richard Cameron and John Ford have talk with the people in charge about our problem. Of course they promise next week it will be in for sure, but alas it isn’t on time or like last week not in at all. Dept Manager is leaving shortly for a new position elsewhere, so maybe we can get a new person who will do what they say they will.     Dick

Branson Hills format change

We have decided that because of the difficulty of this course (branson hills), we will be changing the format from an individual event to a 4-person scramble. Teams will be put together based on handicap. We will have an A, B, C, and D player on each team.  We will be making more announcements about this tournament at the Millwood event.

See you at the course very soon,

Dick Covey