Highland Springs re-Schedule

The weather forecast has gotten worse since my post yesterday. We have decided it is way to cold to play and were lucky to have an opening in 3 weeks.

New play date for Highland Springs is   “ MAY 5th”.     Same start time 9am.

IF YOU WERE ENTERED FOR MONDAY, YOU ARE ENTERED FOR THE NEW DATE. (you do not have to do anything extra, your in.)


When you read this, and are in a group, call your buddies and tell them of the change.

Thanks,    Dick

Millwood Results – 4/7/14

Flight 1 – Gross:  Pete Legsdin, Jim Eiffert, Jim Parker;  Net:  Dean Dooms, John Rathke, Bill Forster  Flight 2 – Gross:  Lyndon Tummons, Loren Hulse, Steve Pope, David Yancey;  Net:  Cecil Mooney, Ron Locke, Cal Griggs   Flight 3 – Gross:  Butch Morris, Bob Culver, Don Rollins;  Net:  Keith Hartner, Jim Roberts, Bill Aldrich   Flight 4 – Gross:  Tom Goddard, John McAlear, Lloyd Meacheam, Mel Foster;  Net:  John Catau, Arnold Townsend, Bill Adams   Flight 5 – Gross:  Dale Pearce, Don Ryan, Charley Williams, John Travers;  Net:  Earle Doman, Al Bay, Carl Boswell

Long Drive:  Dean Dooms, Dick Covey, Ken Crosby

Closest to pin:  Hole #5 – Art Farris 3ft 7in., Don Rollins 8ft 5in., Tom Nelson 11ft 8in;   Hole #17 – Jack Huntley 4ft 8.5in, Butch Morris 6ft 10in., Jerry Sowell 7ft 1in.


Branson Creek/Buffalo Ridge Entries

Most of you know that Bass Pro purchased the Branson Creek golf course this winter, and renamed it Buffalo Ridge. We do have a contract with Troon Golf to play the course in August. However, we are still in limbo at this moment as to whether Bass Pro is going to have any outside tournaments on the course this summer. We are one of many who are waiting to see if they will let us play or not. I am in contact with the Head Pro over the course, and he assured me that as soon as he gets his the marching orders he will contact me with a yes or no.

Since the schedule to play at the end of August, I would suggest to hold off of entries until we find out for sure if we get to play this year or not. I will make an announcement as soon as I get the word. My guess is, we have a 70/30 chance that we will get to play.

I’m looking forward to a great golfing season after this crazy winter. See you soon.

Dick Covey